Thursday, 16 February 2012

Luxery Car

West Coast Customs pimped out an Audi R8, giving it a Tron-themed makeover to promote Monster’s line of Tron audio gear. Headphone manufacturers are showing off a trendy Audi R8 Tron themed chrome, modified by West Coast Customs, which was involved in the show “Pimp My Ride”. Those clever West Coast Customs lads have certainly done a good job adhering to the source material, even if this car is so shiny it’s not likely to be road legal — imagine catching an eyeful of your own headlights reflected in this beast…
Audi R8 X Tron - 01

Audi R8 X Tron - 02
Audi R8 X Tron - 03
Audi R8 X Tron - 04
Audi R8 X Tron - 05
Audi R8 X Tron - 06


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