Monday, 12 December 2011

Unbelievable Tree Houses

The urge to realize every kid’s dream of having the ultimate tree house is rarely something that survives into adulthood. Fortunately, there are people who do take on the challenge of creating the perfect tree home. Some are driven by the novelty of having an unusual home, some like the challenge of building the impossible, while at least one other claims divine inspiration…
9imagesadad9 Unbelievable Tree Houses

8imagesadad7 Unbelievable Tree Houses
There are spherical houses — called Free Spirit Spheres by the people that make them
4imagesadad13 Unbelievable Tree Houses
There’s a gigantic tree house called “God’s Treehouse” by it’s creator, Horace Burgess. According to the USA Today article ( ,  he built the roughly 8,000 – 10,000 square foot house with a great deal of help, but  “God used my hands to put every piece in place…”
From the article:
A sanctuary with pews pushed to the side takes up the third floor and also doubles as a basketball court at 22 feet above terra firma. Sunlight floods through a Plexiglas skylight about 29 feet above the sanctuary into this open room that contains a homemade cross, altar and podium.
2imagesadad15 Unbelievable Tree Houses
These pics of the house come from
1imagesadad14 Unbelievable Tree Houses
This one was made by Kobayashi Takashi in Japan…
6imagesadad13 Unbelievable Tree Houses
I don’t know much about this next one, but it is interesting…
5imagesadad14 Unbelievable Tree Houses
This one is by treehouse guru Pete Nelson.
3imagesadad12 Unbelievable Tree Houses
There is a restaurant in a fake tree in Japan…
7imagesadad10 Unbelievable Tree Houses


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